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Americasia USA have more than 20 years of electronic equipment repair experience. The business, based in Miami, is an authorized electronic components distributor with thousands of parts in-stock.

The company repairs PCs and Macs. We repairs desktops, laptops, printers, smart TVs as well as smartphones, recovers hard drives and installs security systems. The company also repairs gaming consoles including Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

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Americasia USA Corporation is a leading provider of affordable electronic assistance. Supplies and services for your home and small business.

Our Services

When you need a repair for your electronic equipment, the situation can be stressful, but you can trust that Americasia USA Corporation will solve your problem with great quality. Our professional technicians will keep you informed of every step of the repair, so you always know what is happening during the work process.

Electrical repair shop

With the wide variety of electrical appliances you use everyday, there’s bound to be times when one or more of your electrical devices in your home or office goes bad and needs repair.
We sell electronic repair services and parts. Buy the part you need and fix it yourself or call us and we fix it for you.

Old electronic equipment
Electronic repair service
Smart TVs repair service
Replacement parts

Computer repair shop

We offer same-day PC and Mac repair seven days a week. Our center repairs desktop computers and laptops.

Tablet repair
Peripherals & Accessories
Components & Storage
Printers & Scanners
Monitors & Projectors

Mobile phone repair shop

A repair shop is always loaded with repair parts, accessories and tools. You have new stock coming in and old stock that needs to be replaced.

Battery replacement
Camera repair
Case repair
Charge port repair
Microphone repair
Screen repair/replacement
Software problems
Speaker repair
Water damage repair

Service area

Our center provides services in the Miami Dade County area.